Congresso Nazionale Lions 2022

Greeting from the district Governor Giordano-Bruno Arato

Ferrara is waiting for us! Long live Ferrara!

Ferrara is an ancient city, rich in history, culture, architectural, urban and landscape beauties, and also culinary excellence that will be the background and will enrich our National Convention, the 70th, from 20 to 22 of May 2022.

This Convention will be very significant for many reasons and it will contribute extremely effectively to emphasize the importance of our Association and its popular presence throughout beloved entire Peninsula. A presence by the Lions Member that is enriching itself with new resources: men, women, girls and boys who choose to join the International Association of Lions Clubs, identifying in this membership basic purposes of our existence and in ethics morals a perfect guide of our existence.

I would like to thanks all the components of the Organizing Committee of National Convention that right from the beginning worked hard to let the Delegates feels in a "wonderful atmosphere" so they can take part and enrich with total dedication and determination Convention activities.

This Convention, indeed, will be particularly important for many reasons and it will have a very rich attendance, able to draw attention in our world, and also in the external world because of values and facts that will result.

Expectations and desire to meet again each other are so high and in the daily Agenda you’ll find some important and international details which we all want to live as protagonists.

It will be an opportunity not to be missed, because of lionistics morals and for the emotion to see again old and new friends so we can work together (finally!) and keep high our Association values.

So, for three days we will be all Ferrara’s Citizens, and we will enrich a town already full of many excellences and Lionistics values that will always boast the Estense’s Family Town!

Giordano-Bruno Arato