Congresso Nazionale Lions 2022

Greeting from Cristian Bertolini

20-22 May 2022…
This is not a casual number play, but it is a date, or even, THE DATE, which represents for us a big and important objective: host in the beautiful town Ferrara our National Lions Convention, the first on-site after three years. So, the idea that we can see each other again, we can feel again emotions which give us enthusiasm on Lions give us the central theme of this Convention: DELEGATES MUST FEEL CUDDLED!!!
The challenge of Organizing Committee, that I am proud to preside over, is dual: let this Convention be memorable for all the participants and make unique delegates’ days during conference activities at Ferrara Exhibition. As regards the first challenge, this town estense, planned in the 15th Century and last intact in time, with its historic, artistic, literary and culinary traditions, let the task simplified and our members of Ferrara will host all the Lions participants with many collateral activities, with the traditional friendliness that is their lifestyle.

As regards the second challenge, all the organization of exhibition areas has been imagined to let the delegates participate at conference activities with sanitary safety procedure (we will have two different wings, so they can sit down in safe distances), but furthermore we found places, for example The Agorà, where they can meet friends so they can talk about new ideas or simply make small talks. In the Exhibition’s headquarter, the 20th of May in the morning, they will have coaching workshops and, after opening ceremony, the Organizing Committee will offer a welcome cocktail to celebrate the Convention.

We provided for circular shuttles which will transport delegates from their hotel in the old town to the Exhibition.
A special notice is Dinner Gala, that will be in a very particular place, Teatro Comunale of Ferrara: it was built at the end of XVIII Century in front of Estense Castle, and represents “the Italian theatre” with elliptical cavea’s profile, with five dais’ order and with an architectural proscenium that create an harmonious location. And, in this location, delegates will have dinner tasting not only local delicacy, but they can “feel like actors” in this opera, drama and dance temple.

And, last but not least, I would like to thank and make a big applause to all the components of Organizing Committee, that have worked so hard, creating a productive and friendly atmosphere!!!
I wait for you, and I’m sure in these three days you’ll feel cuddled!!!

Cristian Bertolini